A reliable and comprehensive educational tool

Why Climeet?

Measure. Reduce. Contribute. Communicate.

Why use Climeet?

Today, it is essential for every event organizer to assess, reduce, and communicate their greenhouse gas emissions. The Climeet solution goes further by facilitating direct engagement and awareness among all involved parties. You have all the necessary information to make informed decisions and put your event on a low-carbon trajectory.

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A reliable and comprehensive educational tool

  • Data collection and calculation: Step by step, Climeet guides you through measuring the greenhouse gas emissions of your event.

  • Evaluation and continuous improvement: Climeet allows you to refine your post-event assessment and track your progress from one event to another.

  • Footprint reduction scenarios: Climeet helps you identify the most emitting areas and test different scenarios to reduce them.
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Over 100 organizations are committed to eco-friendly events with Climeet

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The benefits of using Climeet

Measuring the carbon footprint of your events, becoming aware of their impact, and striving to combine sustainability with event excellence. In short, this enhances your credibility and demonstrates your commitment to the environment.

Our solution goes beyond mere assessment: it enables you to prioritize your actions to strengthen your positive impact. Fine-tune the carbon footprint of your events and meet your climate goals!

Highlight your climate commitment: If you wish to present your results, we provide you with the opportunity to download your detailed report, ideal for transparent communication about your approach and engaging your ecosystem.

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The Climeet solution is:


Our calculation methodology and emission factors are validated by ADEME and the Association for Low Carbon Transition.


Data security is our priority; the information you share with us is confidential. All your data is encrypted.


Thanks to our E-learning modules, an essential step that conditions your access to the calculator, you will easily grasp the tool.


Climeet is a solution designed for all types of events (professional seminars, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, institutional events, sports events...) 

Customer testimonials

They're talking about us

Discover our inspiring customer testimonials from companies of all sizes that have taken the plunge with Climeet! Thanks to the use of our tool, our satisfied customers report easy management of the carbon footprint of their events. 

Climeet has been assisting the Cannes Film Festival since 2021 in developing and implementing its carbon environmental policy: assessing, reducing, and offsetting.

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Project Manager at the Cannes Film Festival
Jasmine de Montanier

It's a very useful tool for accurately assessing the carbon footprint of the events I organize and extracting the right tracking indicators for improvement. The Climeet team always provides excellent advice.

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Event Department Manager,  Vignobles de la Vallée du Rhône
Emilie Foubert

At last, a practical and fast solution for evaluating the carbon impact of an event, conceived by event professionals and developed by carbon experts.

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Founder of Eko
Nicolas Turpin

Climeet provides a concrete way to assess the impact of our in-person and online events, and above all, to consider practical solutions to improve our practices. The tool is practical and intuitive, allowing for simple usage tailored to our professions!

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Head of Science Culture Department, Le Mans Université
Ingrid Silpa

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, find the most frequently asked questions by users.

An event gathers a set of scenarios of said event that you can create/modify until the completion of your data collection. As long as the status of your event is 'in progress,' you can create as many scenarios as needed to understand the carbon impact of different options available to you. Subsequently, you simply need to 'finalize your calculation' to access and download your comprehensive results. A finalized event is no longer editable.
The different emission categories come from a global mapping of the carbon flows of an event and are categorized according to the operational reality of an event. The mapping of flows is aligned with the Bilan Carbone® method, the PAS 2060 standard, and the GHG Protocol.
We use reliable databases and methods, reviewed by the Association for Low Carbon Transition (ABC). Your event footprints will be consistent and comparable since they will be based on the same methods and scope. The reliability of the results will largely depend on the quality of your activity data. We encourage you not to neglect data collection and to approach as closely as possible to the reality of your event. For periodic events, it is important to note your assumptions to apply the same method.
With your agreement, we only collect macro and anonymized carbon data (footprint per item and event characteristic) to feed into a statistical database to establish sectoral averages (see previous question). We do not collect cookies, and your private data will never be shared with third parties.

In the event of an update, variations in EF are communicated and explained to all users. An update of emission factors is conducted approximately every 1 to 2 years. Specific communication will be sent to you prior to each update, specifying which EF will change, how, and why. Clarifications will be provided regarding the impact of this update on emissions from new events, ensuring a transparent comparison of your events.