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Measure the carbon footprint of your events

As an expert in managing event greenhouse gas emissions, Climeet assists you in measuring your carbon footprint, prioritizing necessary actions across various emission sources, and developing a concrete, measurable, and realistic reduction plan. Our expertise enables you to design environmentally responsible events and contribute to global carbon neutrality.

The emission sources of events

The goal is to integrate into Climeet all emission sources/activity categories, whether physical or digital. Climeet then converts all these activity data into greenhouse gas emissions/CO2e. The more precise the data, the more reliable the final result will be! Here are some examples of data to integrate for calculating the carbon footprint of your event:


Emissions related to the event organization and design phase.


Emissions related to the travel of organizing teams, suppliers, and participants.


Footprint related to production transportation, from trucking to couriers and international freight.


Carbon emissions related to equipment and space setup.

Energy consumed

Emissions related to venue energy and temporary power sources.


Emissions related to food and beverages for the public and staff.


The impact of lodging is broken down between the impact of accommodation and the impact of transportation between the event venue and the lodging.


Textile, wooden, cardboard, glass, plastic, and computer-related merchandise.


Profiling waste and recycling volumes and how they are managed.


Emissions generated by virtual or hybrid events (communication, social networks, etc.)


Any other carbon expenditure.

By your side for your project

Climeet is your committed partner in your journey towards sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of your events. We accompany you with innovative and sustainable solutions to make every gathering a step towards a more environmentally friendly future.

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